A Letter From a Millennial

Society has decided Millennials are the worst generation ever. You have all come to the conclusion that we are the most lazy, narcissistic, entitled, technology obsessed, arrogant generation yet. Basically, when it comes to sitting around on our phones and making no contributions to the world...  we are the worst offenders. But I am here to tell you to open your eyes and try to see the world from our perspective.

I love being a Millennial.

Maybe thats the typical Millennial in me speaking because we love the attention our generation gets. Or maybe its because we think and do things differently than any other generation. And people really don't like us for it.

The number one thing I love about our generation is our "can do" attitude. We believe that there is good in this world, and we believe that if you are passionate enough about something, you can make your dreams come to life a MILLION different ways. We believe that you can achieve your goals in your own way, and not just the way society thinks you should. 

If you want to travel the world, society thinks you need to have a degree and begin making money in your career. But, you also have to pay back your student loans by working a job that you hate... every. single. day.

As a Millennial, I think that traveling the world is as easy as getting up and doing it. We have access to so many amazing resources at the touch of our fingertips. The people I know who are making their dreams come to life and doing things like traveling the world, are not listening to a professor read information off of a power point that they could easily just access on their phones. They using their resources and have come up with countless ways to become something in this world differently than society thinks they should. My point here is that we are NOT lazy. We are driven and passionate and creative. WE ARE INNOVATIVE. We think outside of the box and have reached success in ways that you never imagined. 

Millennials have changed the standards of society. We are by far the most accepting of gender equality and LGBTQ rights. Over 70% of Millennials are in favor of marriage equality. We have drawn attention to issues regarding all types of inequality.  Millennials are always looking for ways to better ourselves and our communities. This is a generation of progression and a generation of change. We care about everybody's voice being heard, and we help each other.

I am tired of the word "Millennial" having a negative connotation. I want society to see that we actually aren't that bad. We are trying our best in the world left for us. 

Say what you want, but if you truly know anything about our generation, you know that we desire to be apart of something bigger and make a difference. We believe in a diverse community. We believe in collaboration, listening, and working together. If other generations also had this mindset, millennials wouldn't be bashed and talked down upon. I hope that eventually society will open their minds and see the positive impact that we make. 


PersonalKari Riley