Why You Need a Good GNO

I personally believe that a good Girl's Night Out is seriously essential for one's well-being. What is so special about last night, is that not everybody already knew each other. This wasn't a group of college friends who go to school together, or a group of childhood friends... this was just a group of girls who wanted to have fun and get to know each other. The friend of mine who hosted our night actually hosts many girl's nights. What I love about her is that she sets no restrictions on who is invited... it doesn't matter if she knows them or it they know anybody in the group at all. It is truly about women coming together. 

So why is girl's night so essential?

A good girls night is a way to escape from life. A long week at work, a fight with your loved one, or any other stress in life can get washed away when you get lost in the endless chatter and laughter. We took silly selfies all night, cracked up every time somebody spilled their drink (which was often), and just talked about nonsense the entire time.

It is a way to bond when you get so caught up in your own life, and forget to see your friends in person! Social media takes over and you forget that commenting "baeeeee" on your bestie's post isn't even comparable to seeing her all dressed up at dinner and complimenting her IRL. The group of girls I was with constantly build each other up. It is such a feel good experience having support from other girls.

One of my favorite parts of GNO is getting to have a reason to dress up! Who doesn't want an excuse to buy a new dress or wear those new heels out? I love getting all prettied up, especially when you get to get ready with a friend! Let's be honest we need our friend's opinion when we change our outfit 12 and half times and can't figure out whether we should wear silver or gold jewelry.

It is a reason to dance and let it all out. Maybe it will take a drink or two but once you hear Despacito come on, guaranteed you'll be shaking it. At one point in the night, all 6 of us plus a few more girls we didn't even know were standing on top of the tables dancing. WORTH.

Lastly, girl's night is to remember why you are YOU. Your friends keep you who you are. They know your secrets and weird habits. They keep you in line and know the tricks to make you laugh when you're feeling low. They have shaped who you are as a person today, and they love the crazy, ridiculous, real you. 

WellnessKari Riley