5 Habits Healthy Couples Have

Great relationships don’t just happen. They occur when we give our time, attention, and care to another.

Do you find yourself looking online at all of the cute "couple goals" pages and popular Instagram couples? Do you look around and compare your relationship to all of the other super cute relationships you see? Do you wonder why they are so perfect? Well, truth is (and you could've guessed it) there is is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every couple faces challenges and arguments, but there is such thing as being perfectly happy in your relationship. Happy couples don't just get lucky and accidentally happen... Happy couples work together to build their relationship and constantly develop better ways to compliment each other.

Here are 5 habits that are healthy to have in a relationship.

1. Communication

Communicating with your partner doesn't just mean talking, there are multiple components to a conversation that make them productive. Giving your partner your full attention is key to having a positive conversation. Turn off or put down your distracting cellphone or other technology and make eye-contact with them. Lean into them, touch them, hold their hand, use your body language to show that you respect what they are saying. Don't interrupt! Stay focused and try not to let your mind wonder when your significant other is sharing something with you. Even when you disagree with a statement, hang in there and let them get through their thoughts. On the other hand, make sure that you are leaving them room to speak and you aren't monopolizing the conversation, invite them to share their perceptions as well. Lastly, don't forget to recognize that there are not just two sides to the situation, it's not just the two of you... there is you, your partner, and your relationship. What you think is best for you, may not be what you think is best for the relationship.

2. Express appreciation daily

A healthy relationship is based on positive expression towards one another. Healthy couples aim to acknowledge and appreciate each other every day. As humans we all need validation that we are doing good enough for those we love. It doesn't have to be a big deal, you could just say, "Hey, I appreciate you making the bed today". When is the last time that you told your partner thank you for doing things like taking out the trash, or buying new toothpaste? They don't have to do something elaborate for it to be special. Also, it isn't just about what they do, but how they make you feel. Did they make you laugh after a long day at work? Did they compliment your new outfit? Don't forget to just look at them and say, "Hey, I just want you to know that I appreciate the way you make me feel". These small comments can go a long way.

3. Snuggle more

Communication is very important in a relationship, but people often forget how important touch can be. It creates a different kind of emotional connection and can relieve stress. A hug is so healing. It is a perfect cure for almost every small argument and makes both of you feel special to one another. Healthy couples make time for cuddling, hugging, and other physical interactions no matter how tired or busy they are. This also helps to give each other reassurance of the love that you share. If you are skipping or missing out on your daily appreciation that I mentioned in #2, cuddling is a powerful way to express that physically.

4. Forgivness 

Healthy couples realize that their relationship is fueled by forgiveness. Honestly, I don't believe that any relationship could last without it. In order to have a healthy and positive relationship we must learn to apologize and forgive. When it comes to relationships there will always be disagreements, different opinions, and moments of frustration, and how we deal with this drama is what determines the health of our relationship. An apology isn't about making a fight go away, it is a genuine attempt to overcome an issue as a team. Forgiveness is about the choice of BEING HAPPY over BEING RIGHT. Forgiveness is by no means easy... but the more you practice, the better you get, and the more at peace you feel.

5. Celebrate each other's successes

Do you smile when your partner comes home with good news from their boss or finishes a project they've been working on? Good. Being genuinely enthusiastic about your partner’s success can have a positive impact on your relationship. I always make sure to praise my boyfriend when he tells me good news... whether it's about something important like business and money or something silly like when he replaced the barring in our fidget spinner to make it faster. Anything they get excited about, should excite you too! Try to never be competitive or envious of their accomplishments, but sincerely impressed, and happy for them. When you celebrate good news, you motivate them further, bond to them more, and you both feel more satisfied with the relationship. You should always be their number one fan.


WellnessKari Riley