Dealing With Somebody Who Doesn't Like You

This isn't a perfect world. We don't all get along with each other but we all care if people like us or not. Being disliked can be a painful and irritating experience, but it's something that everybody deals with. Learning how to handle these unpleasant situations is key to your own happiness.

Decide if you should care:

Some people will like you. Others will not. Will the person’s judgment of you impact your career or life? If not, get rid of your need to be liked or even respected by this person. Not everyone is worth your time or effort. Maybe you don't even care to be liked by them, but still care about the harmful things that they say to/about you. Ask yourself if their opinion would change your best friend's opinion of you. Would it change your parent's opinion? Your partner's? Then why would it matter to you? If the most important people in your life think highly of you, love you, and appreciate who you are, then there is no need for company that you have to work hard to please.

Know who you are:

Being rooted in yourself, what you believe in, and your own personal morals will free you from the pressure that others may make you feel. Remember that there is no need to validate what you stand for or justify who you are. While you should always be open to new things, and engage with people who think differently than you, there is a way to do this without changing your thoughts. Have a healthy sense of you. If somebody doesn't like you, it is best to realize that the flaw is more so on their end rather than a flaw in your character. 

Walk away:

Some people are stubborn and may never look past the negatives they see in us. Sometimes, you just have to let people go. Everybody has their own perspective and it may not sync up with yours. Although emotions can be high, don't have any intentions to fight back when you are feeling victimized by a person. It can be tempting sometimes to stay and fight, but disengaging is its own form of power. As long as you do your part and leave the door open for future friendship (if they are ever ready to walk through that door) you should feel at peace. Until then, just remove this negative energy from your life as much as possible. Unfollow, unfriend, block.


WellnessKari Riley