What to Wear: 4th of July

The fourth of July is right around the corner and you probably need a new outfit pronto. Luckily every store has their share of American flag pieces, but before you reach for that American flag bikini (again) this year, think about these 4 ideas.

The first thing that I think is a must-have for the holiday is stripes. Not only are stripes very relevant in the fashion world, but they clearly play off of the American flag without it being the complete flag right in your face. Yes, I personally hate the American flag look and hope that it is avoided by everyone this week. 

In the first photo, Peyton is wearing an adorable red striped bodysuit that was actually used in our Fourth of July inspired photoshoot with Midnight Rambler Boutique. In the second photo, I have on an adorable (and cheap!!) romper from forever 21 which is better if you want something blue instead of red. In the last photo, I am wearing my favorite set from Neiman Marcus by Frame. I love wearing white especially in the summer when I'm tan, and I like how easily I can add pops of red to this to make it more festive! The last photo was taken last year on the fourth, where I wore all 3 colors on my striped tank from pacsun!

Speaking of pops of red, this is my second thought. I think that simply adding pops of red to your outfit would be subtle but still very patriotic. Think of red nails and a matching red lip - or just throwing a cute red bandana either on your head or around your neck. It's easy for a last minute outfit, but still looks planned out.

Here are some examples of when I have incorporated red nails or red lips into my outfits, and an example of how you could wear the red bandana and pair it with a red lip.

Now that I've mentioned the red bandana lets talk about ALL bandanas. I am recently obsessed with bandanas and how useful they are this summer. I've been using mine to to cover my face when I'm tanning by the pool, to hold my hair back, and for an accessory. This forth, it would be very useful and also super cute to have one on hand. It could be red, white, blue, or even black.

I love blue and white, but forget the vibrant blues... I am all about navy, baby blues, and denims. I am not really into bright colors, I prefer more subtle or washed out colors. I think that wearing white and blue is perfect for the fourth and skipping the red altogether. A little white top with blue jean shorts and a blue hat/bandana is so cute... a little white dress and a denim jacket or even a denim shirt around your waist. You can even wear an ALL WHITE outfit and show up to that BBQ looking fresh (just avoid the messy foods). Going to a pool party? Wear a white bikini or a simple white one-piece that'll not only make you look super tan, but set you apart from all of those american flags running around.

But honestly... if all else fails, just go to Brandy.

Taken @BrandyMelville on 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica

Taken @BrandyMelville on 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica

I will be posting what I ended up wearing this weekend, stay tuned!

FashionKari Riley