First Day in LA

I am so excited to be in LA. Obviously Denver, Colorado is my home and I love it so much... but I seriously needed a break. I will be out in LA for the summer or about 5 weeks. I bought a one-way ticket in hopes that I am booking so many modeling jobs that I'll have to stay even longer (fingers crossed!). 

My first day here was absolutely crazy and perfect all at the same time.

I woke up at 3 am to head to the airport, overly tired and not sure if I remembered everything but ready nonetheless. - I just want to throw in that I had McDonalds breakfast on the way, and I have no regrets. - When I arrived I took an Uber to the model apartments and met my new roomie, Aga. She is from Poland but has been in NYC the past few months. Aga is adorable and we are already best friends, we have been doing everything together and we just clicked instantly! 

At Taste on Melrose ave.

At Taste on Melrose ave.

First we met Aga's old friend Michael for lunch at Taste and shopped around for quite a while. We took photos and laughed a lot and just overall had such a fun time. Michael is hilarious and he is from Hong Kong! After that, we went to the apartment and got on our bikinis to go swim at the house Michael is staying at. He is staying with his friend Franco who calls his party house on Mount Olympus the "Hercules Hideout".

Later that evening after swimming, we were invited to go out with Franco and a bunch of other models and friends to dinner at KOI. I definitely avoided the seafood, but I have to admit the lobster tacos were everything. After dinner we went to 1OAK for Kendrick Lamar's birthday. He performed a song literally less than a foot away from me, and if that wasn't enough, Lana Del Ray was there too singing along. Fangirling.

When I finally went to sleep at like 4 am, I had been up over 24 hours but I didn't even mind. I've meet so many new friends and interesting people since I've been here and its been such a blast. Besides all of the adventures, and new friendships, I am ready to work too! I'm looking forward to many castings and photoshoots these next few weeks. 

Wish me luck! 

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