Shoot Location in LA

On Tuesday I had an amazing shoot with my friend @jonthephotographer. We shot in this incredible loft in Los Angeles with the most lovely style. 

We shot early in the morning so we got lucky with how gorgeous the light was. The first thing I noticed when I walked up the stairs was that there were little rainbows glowing all over the room. The crystals in the window were being hit by the sun just perfectly enough to make the whole room look magical. On top of that, the paint job made the appearance of clouds in the room and it actually photographed that way too! The upstairs room had nice fur rugs, and some oriental cushions that made up a couch.


Downstairs in the bedroom, a huge white bed took up almost the whole space which I loved! The white fur rugs and plants made it so cozy, and the boho decor was brilliant! I fell in love with the bull head above the bed, and I wish I could've bought it from the owner! Unfortunately it wasn't for sale, but the owner does design her jewelry and it's lovely. 

Below I posted details of her jewelry and the bull head. Also, I show a detail shot of what was on the nightstand - I am really into the light fixture and its shape... I might have to make Victor build one for me! I also threw my new kimono in the shot so you can see it because it's my new obsession! It's so silky and sexy and we used it for some of the photos which I will post when they are ready! 

You can also see my favorite nude lace-up flats peeking through in the picture! Details on those bad boys in my blog post here:

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