Shooting in Malibu

On Saturday I had a little shoot in Malibu, captured a couple polaroids during the process, and fell in love with this bikini. The photographer Mikel, (@mikelrob) has an entire room of clothing (most of which are bikinis) to shoot in. Brands send him things just to post on Instagram. This one is from Sommer Swim and I think I need it.

On Saturday we shot all indoor photos with a "loungey" feel and next time we are headed to the beach at sunrise to do swim. We will probably do about 3 more looks including this peachy suit!! 

Also, I am leaving for Miami on this Friday for Miami Swim Week. I will be there almost two weeks doing castings and a bunch of runway. As far as photo updates, there will be plenty on my Instagram and then I will probably create one big post about the entire experience here after the chaos is over! Can't Wait!

Here are some shots from our shoot on Saturday! ♡

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