10 things to do by yourself

My life can be kind of hectic. I consider myself to be pretty busy because I commit to so many different things. With a busy schedule, its important to recognize when it's time to step back and recharge. This may be easy for introverted people, but as an extravert I tend to face exhaustion from all of the festivities of life that I love to engage in. Sometimes I forget pay attention to my internal world, and I get caught up in my busy lifestyle. Being alone, and doing things by myself is how I stay balanced, focused, and calm.

  1. Blog. You don't even have to publish anything. Create something for yourself where you can write down all of your thoughts. That's why I call my blog my "thought mess", my mind is always busy thinking, planning, listing, etc. and I need a place to spill all of that.
  2. Go on a walk. Or a hike, or a run, whatever you fancy. I can leave my apt and walk around the block once or twice and already feel a little more clear-headed. The air is nice, and knowing you aren't going anywhere is also a calming feeling.
  3. Take a bath. I am a princess and I love to pamper myself. Start a bubble bath with some bath salts, put on a face mask, turn on some music and just soak.
  4. Set aside time for a nice meal. When we are super busy and always on the go, we eat too quickly, grab fast food, eat too many snacks, or skip meals. It's always good to make time to put together a healthy meal. I usually make time to make a nice breakfast for myself because after all it is the most important meal of the day. Also, I find it easiest to make time for it in the morning because its just a matter of waking up a little earlier.
  5. Find new music. Browse Spotify, Apple Music, or even Youtube for new music to listen to. Songs can get overplayed and old fast, and I'm always looking for a new jam. This is a brilliant way to just zone out the world. When you put in your headphones you can do it anywhere... in bed, in an uber, on the beach, etc. It's an immediate get away.
  6. Organize your space. Not everybody likes to organize, (I love it) but its a nice thing to focus on when you are alone. Declutter your things and redesign how you keep them. My favorite thing to organize is my makeup because I have an amazing makeup mirror and it always looks so satisfying. Once you finish, your space will feel more clean and way more relaxing. It feels so good to declutter and filter out everything you don't need!
  7. Selfie. There is no better time to selfie than when you are alone. You can take time to get cute, find the perfect lighting, and the best angle. It's a great confidence booster getting a photo of yourself that you love! Just keep clicking until you get it right because there is nobody there to judge you take 300 selfies in a row.
  8. People watch. Go somewhere public, my favorites include the mall, the park, and coffee shops. Find a place to sit back and enjoy the show. It can be hilarious and make you laugh and you might be able to find somebody snapchat worthy. It can also be sweet, and make you smile. You never know what you'll get, people are weird. 
  9. Go shopping. Honestly, this is 100% my favorite form of therapy. But seriously, shopping alone is actually very relaxing because you don't have to wait for anybody, and nobody has to wait for you. You make the final decision on what to buy, without anybody else's opinion.
  10. Dance around. I love being home alone and being able to blast my music and watch myself dance in the mirror. Sometimes I combine it with cleaning my room, or making food or something else around the house. Find that song that makes you want to move and shamelessly practice your moves for the club, after all, you're hot af.
WellnessKari Riley