Meeting Wiz Khalifa??

Yesterday was one of the most eventful Wednesdays I've ever had, I think. First off, I want to talk about how proud I was of my breakfast. This seriously made me so full but it felt like a treat. It's simply bananas covered in PB topped with berries, cashews, and chocolate. I think that this breakfast really helped me with my day because was so crazy and eventful! 

I had two castings and a photoshoot which started at noon. This meant I had to rush and get both castings done from 10-11:30... which can be so difficult considering I fully rely on Ubers to get me from point A to point B. My first casting was near my apartment in West Hollywood so I decided to get there early to make sure I was first. This casting was a photographer meeting girls to potentially book for Microsoft and Kay Jewelers. The second casting was all the way in Koreatown (about a 35 min uber from the first casting) and was for James Jeans. Luckily both castings were pretty speedy and so were my Ubers despite the fact that I Uber-pooled with a 70 year old woman who couldn't figure out where her ride was, and then spilled her coffee and bagel all over the backseat. I'm not going to lie, I laughed.

My shoot was with my friend Michael Benatar, who I have shot with before. We had a plan to get my makeup done, shop for outfits, and then drive 2 hours out into the desert and the Salton Sea to shoot. Makeup done, shopping complete, so we sit down to have a quick lunch before we go and my friend Noa texts me and asks me what I'm doing later followed by a text that says, "Wiz Khalifa music vid". (I know it sounds confusing, I was just as confused as you are now) Basically, Michael and I decided to shoot somewhere closer so that I would be able to go do whatever this Wiz Khalifa thing was. We ended up finding this dope spot a ways into the mountains and I honestly have no idea where we were... a town called Azusa?? Regardless, we got some awesome shots in with the time we had, plus some poloroids of course.


Okay, Okay, what about Wiz?

So basically he was shooting a music video for his new song at this house on Mount Olympus. Kind of a hilarious scenario... so this rap star is renting this space for his shoot and this space is a family home. There are pictures of the kids and their art hanging on the fridge and then a dozen joints laying on the counter. You can only imagine the amount of marijuana and alcohol around the house... so picture that plus: 

  • a bunch of models/women running around
  • the girls' outfits all over the house
  • rap music blaring
  • blunts lying around being smoked everywhere
  • tables filled with loads of sushi and takeout (Asian themed music video) 
  • a mess in the kitchen from a baking scene with flower and frosting
  • dozens of fidget spinners

Okay so now that you have a visual, imagine the look on the old mans face when he walks downstairs on his little iPad and sees what his house looks like 😂 yes the family was upstairs the whole time. Actually LOLing.

Basically the video was Asian themed because a lyric in the song is "took my new chick out to sushi" but I can't tell you why they are playing with fidget spinners in the video. It was confirmed that it was NOT an ad... but I did get a free spinner so I'm not even going to question it. One scene was a girl laying completely naked on the table but covered up by sushi while Wiz and his "crew" ate the sushi off of her. So this time, the husband and the wife came downstairs for a moment to walk the wife out and I can just imagine the wife thinking "alright screw this I'm getting a hotel".

So why were we even there? They were filming an end scene with a bunch of models and girls and everybody that we were supposed to be in, but we got there at 6pm and that scene wasn't going to wrap until 11pm so at 9:30 we decided to just leave. Honestly being apart of one short scene with a bunch of people for free wasn't really worth waiting considering how exhausted I was from my day. But the whole experience was so interesting and it was fun meeting everybody so it was worth it for sure. 

Picture from the set 😋

Picture from the set 😋


-Best breakfast ever 

-Uber ride with senile old lady

-Found a mysterious canyon in the mountains

-Wiz Khalifa likes fidget spinners

-The boys who live at that house will get to show their friends the music video and be like "lol that naked girl is laying where I eat my dinner"

-Yes Wiz literally always has a joint in his mouth, and looks in the mirror A LOT. 

-Got home and ate every thing in my pantry and fell asleep without taking my makeup off 

I'd say that it was a pretty successful day if I didn't spend $50 on Ubers... but oh my gosh I love you LA.


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