Modeling in Miami Swim Week

So I officially survived my first Miami Swim Week. Wow it was crazy.

When I landed, the first thing I noticed was the humidity... my goodness I do not miss it. I am a Colorado girl and the humidity makes me feel like I'm on my deathbed guys. Obviously I had to Uber everywhere and this was actually very challenging because the entire trip I didn't meet one English speaking driver, which made me realize my Spanish vocabulary is limited to hola and buenos días

For those who are unfamiliar, Swim Week is like a fashion week but because we are talking Miami, its all swimwear... duh. Basically, HUNDREDS of models attend castings for about 4 days, with multiple castings a day. Directly after castings, there is a day or two to begin fitting models in the clothes and then the shows begin!

These castings are what I call cattle calls. They aren't private castings, so any and every model comes and auditions. This means you are fighting for a spot along with 400 other beautiful girls. Now, to make your chances even slimmer, most spots in each show are already filled with the brand's "in-house" girls or certain Instagram famous girls. This narrows down 20(ish) spots in a show to maybe 4 spots. Essentially, you gotta rock to book shows!

I was thrilled to have walked in 6 shows and booked 7!

Some of the brands were European, Brazilian, and of course American. My favorite to walk for was Lilliana Montoya and Lybethras. The women who own these brands are so sweet and talented which made the show so much fun! You could tell that they were passionate about their lines and thankful to have the models.

I also walked for Aguaclara, GANNI, Gestuz, and Sinesia Karol. The show I couldn't do because it conflicted with one I already booked was Acacia. Also, I am so excited and proud of myself that I was on hold as FIRST OPTION for Seafolly. A huge Aussie Brand which is super difficult to book. Maybe next year!!

I want to say that I am so grateful for all of the clients who booked me for swim week. I feel so happy that they see my talent and everything that I work so hard for. I love runway, it's always been one of my strong areas in modeling and walking the runway is so much fun for me. I can't wait to walk again next year!

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