New pick-me-ups From Zara, H&M, and Brandy Melville

I have an addiction.

I shop a lot. 

I'm super excited about my new haul! (Scroll to the bottom to see pictures and prices!)

First of all I have a little back story. Back in May I ordered my dream belt from Gucci. This $400 belt was on backorder so I was expecting to wait until July 15th (the latest) to get the belt. That was their estimation. Come July 25th Gucci sent me an email that said my belt isn't going to come until November maybe DECEMBER... which is about 6 months later. Needless to say, I was a little more than upset with Gucci and canceled the order. Now, here I was still without a belt so I went to Zara to get one, which I did... along with some other awesome finds. Zara was having their end of season sale so I hit the jackpot!

I got this really pretty long-sleeved wrap top with a light blue checkered pattern, and a super cute pair of jeans that have a vintage feel and fringed bottoms. At H&M I got a new pair of white shorts which was much needed. I love white shorts in the summer, and I haven't had a good pair that fits me in a while. Lastly, at Brandy I got a new bandeau tube top in white. (I have the same one in black and wear it all the time) I also got a cute steel blue lace tank that makes my eyes pop!

Wrap top from Zara on sale for $10 & White shorts from H&M for $40

Shorts from H&M (again) & Belt from Zara $30

Top from Brandy Melville $14 & Jeans from Zara on sale for $15

I don't have a picture in it yet, but here is the lace tank from Brandy for $16

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