I've been promising to write a post about my skincare routine for a while now, so here we go. I will also do a vlog about this so that you can all get a visual! 

First of all, I get pimples. It totally sucks but no matter what you do with your skin, or how healthy you eat... you're gonna get pimples now and then. Thats life. I have had all different kinds of acne, dry skin, oily skin, irritated skin, and I feel like now I finally have clear skin (MOST OF THE TIME!) So, if you are reading this, it doesn't matter what type of skin you have, this is for you. I used to never be able to leave the house without concealer or some type of powder on my face so I understand what its like to feel insecure without makeup on. I have learned to love my skin and you can too! 

Having acne on your hairline

I've always gotten pimples around my hairline/on my forehead. Everybody always told me that it was from the oils in my hair, or the shampoo I use so I was constantly switching up shampoos and making sure when I washed my face I got into the hairline and removed the makeup there too. Then, people told me it was because I was washing too much, stripping the natural oils away from my skin so it was producing extra oil. I felt really stuck... I knew it wasn't the soap/shampoo at this point, and I realized my skin wasn't oily at all, the acne was actually flakey. 

IF YOU GET ACNE ON YOUR HAIRLINE/FOREHEAD: If the hair follicles near the hairline become clogged, acne can form. Clogging can occur for several different reasons. If the glands produce too much oil it can clog the pores, the hair products you use can clog your pores, but for me, which is not uncommon, my own dead skin cells were clogging my pores. Sounds gross right? Basically, your skin cells shed regularly and if they aren't shedding normally they can clog up the pores/follicles. If bacteria gets trapped in hair follicles, it can cause follicles to become inflamed... thus resulting in acne. I found this out after extensive research one day when I was sick of painful, ugly red bumps on my head. I discovered this product by L'oreal called Cell Renewal Oil. The oil helps your skin cells renew and helps the dead ones shed properly. At first it felt weird to put oil directly onto my hairline as I was always told that oil is the problem, but omg guys. THIS STUFF WORKS and it also makes the rest of my skin super smooth. It's an anti-aging product too which I am obsessed with! It's $24 but if you don't want to spend that kind of money, (I know I don't) I also know that a great facial SCRUB with beads/sugar in it helps to exfoliate and get those dead skin cells off before they start to clog everything up. The face scrub I use is the popular Apricot Fresh Skin Scrub by St. Ives. which is only $4!

Having dry patches of skin

Another thing that happens to me, is that I get dry patches of skin. Typically, I get these dry patches around the creases of my nose. I hate the dryness so much because not only does it itch, but it stays super red, irritated, and never seems to get better, ugh.

IF YOU HAVE DRYNESS ON YOUR NOSE/CORNERS OF MOUTH: Sometimes this can happen if you have a cold and you are blowing your nose a lot. It can also happen with climate change, which is when I get it.  I travel often, but I always end up back home in Colorado. Now, if you know anything about Colorado, then you'll know that it has an extremely dry climate. This doesn't mean you're automatically going to have dry skin if you live in Colorado, our body is very good at eventually adapting to our environment. It always happens when I fly home to Colorado after spending a couple weeks or more in a more humid place. When dealing with this I avoid using makeup wipes or foundation in that area at all, because these things will just dry it out more and what you are looking to do is help your skin regain its moisture! (makeup wipes or not taking off makeup in this area could also be the culprit!! Make sure you remove the foundation in the smaller creases when you wash your face) What really helps me lock the moisture back in is: 1. coconut oil during the day and under my makeup if I really need to wear it. 2. Neosporin at night!! I can not stress this enough. It is so healing. At night I always put Neosporin on my healing acne, the crease of my nose, and on my lips!

Having red/irritated skin

Raise your hand if literally the smallest touch/scratch/bump makes your skin irritated and red!  🙋🏼 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 

Yup, thats me. For example, if I just want to put on a necklace or pull up my shirt and my nail scratches my skin, it becomes so red and people legit ask me, "What happened to your neck?". Same goes for my face. When I wash off my makeup, I am NOT fresh and glowing afterwards... I look like I have a 3rd degree sunburn and it sometimes feels like it too. My eyes also get super red and puffy and I look like I haven't slept in 2,598 years. Now, imagine when I have to take off makeup from a photoshoot. I remember when I first started dating my boyfriend, I would take off my makeup at night and it always made my skin so irritated and red afterwards that I would put powder BACK ON so that it would disguise the redness a bit. 

IF YOU HAVE RED IRRITATED SKIN: First of all, the biggest no no is being rough on your skin. When you wash your face and remove your makeup take your time. Don't rub hard especially around your eyes, the skin is so sensitive under your eyes and its important to be gentle. If you have to rub hard to get your makeup off, find a new remover/cleanser. I am guilty of using makeup wipes which are honestly very bad for your skin, and throw it out of balance. I personally need them sometimes because they are strong and can remove thick makeup from photoshoots. I always use Neutrogena's wipes (light blue pack) because they are the only ones that don't burn my skin. They make it irritated but they don't hurt like the others I have tried. I like to use Superwear Makeup remover because it is sulfate free, it doesn't stress out my skin, and it works wonders. ($23) The most effective way I treat my irritated skin, and what I do religiously... is use face masks. Now, don't use any peel offs or bubbling ones or blah blah blah. The point is to give your face a cool down after removing makeup or get it nice and calm before applying makeup. Sheet masks will always be a good option because they cool down the skin and also lock in moisture, I do these often. My favorite type of mask is a quality mud mask. I lean towards the ones with cucumber, avocado, and oatmeal which help the PH balance of your skin. All-time fave: Say Yes to Cucumbers Mud Mask.

These are all techniques I use to take care of my own skin. Everybody has different skin and reacts differently to products. Overall, it is always important to be gentle on your skin and to really get to know it. Learn about your skin and act accordingly. I hope my tips help some of you out there or inspire you to start taking better care of your beautiful faces!


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