What its like being born sassy

First off, being sassy is not a choice. The sass gods carefully choose who graces this world with their sass.

I didn't choose the sass life, the sass life chose me.

If you were also chosen... you will understand these struggles of being sassy.

You have something sarcastic to say in every conversation

People who don't know you think you're mean. Probably because you have RBF.

You always share your opinion regardless of if its asked for or not

And.... you're always right

Everyone else's opinion is irrelevant 

Its hard to hangout with people who don't understand your sassiness

You are the one who says what everyone else is thinking

Everybody thinks you're joking when you say something sarcastic... but you're not.

You sometimes surprise yourself with the sassy things you say

You feel like you grace the room with your presence 

You forget to filter out the sass at inappropriate times

At the end of the day, you're proud of your sass and thankful that the sass gods deemed you chosen. #blessed

Kari Riley